There are so many places to go in Paris, but, they often change names, locations or become old fashioned. For this reason, I’m only going to give you some names of districts and I invite you to walk into the streets, discover it by yourself and find your favorite places to go in Paris ! That’s the best way to fully enjoy the city.

The touristic places to go in Paris : 

Montmarte, Rue de l’Appe, les Champs Elysées, Saint Michel

The dynamic places to go in Paris : 

Le Marrais, République, Montogeuil, Pigalle, Parmentier

The elegant places to go in Paris :

Trocadéro, Tour Eiffel, Champs de Mars, Esplanade des Invalides

The cultural places to go in Paris :

Le Louvres, Notre Dame, Opéra, Madeleine

Where are the places to go in Paris for a drink?

Well…everywhere! During the evening, I suggest for students: Saint Germain, Oberkampf, rue Montorgueil, rue de Lappe (Bastille) and during the summer all along the Quai de Seines.

A few famous addresses

La Brasserie de Barbes (chic bar in a popular district), you can drink everywhere in this private mansion, even in the bath at Le Pavillon des Canaux (along the Quai de la Loire, in the 19th district), La Perle (Marrais) is a typical French café and it’s the place where Galliano get fired (very close from the pizzeria Pink Flamingo – see bellow), Place Sainte Catherine (a quiet little place in le Marrais, very close from La Mangerie to eat – see bellow), Le Fourbis in the 7th & Maria Magdalena in Pigalle (both cocktails bars with dimmed lighting).

If you go to famous modern exposition center Beaubourg, take a drink on the cheapest bar of this touristic district : Les fontaines

Where are the places to go in Paris to eat?

La Mangerie (a bit expensive but delicious food to share in le Marrais), Little Cantine (Burger place near la Sorbonne), the cute pizzeria in a cute street of Le Marrais, Pink Flamingo, the design restaurant Mama Shelter (pizza and french food – also an hotel).

Where are the places to go in Paris to snack?

L’As du Falafel (Marrais), Big Fernand (chain of burger places), Candeleria (mexican food and secret bar).

What to know

You can find a lot of more ideas on MylittleParis, le Bonbon or Merci Aflred, but these websites are only in French and there are so many addresses even we don’t know where to go anymore!

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