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Accommodations in Paris can be hard to find, especially last minute. Accommodations have to be booked far in advance because they fill up fast, which happens at the beginning of each new school year. Students live a real nightmare from their first day in Paris when they realize that the demand outstrips supply. They often find themselves fighting for a small studio, which can be too expensive. But booking in advance can also be difficult without knowing where to ask and who to trust when you’re not in the country.

That’s why Feel Parisien is THE solution. We have partners specialized in hosting international students with a wide range of different accommodations for all students. We have 15 different affordable student residence options, and different host families to choose from. If you are looking for a private or shared apartment, we can point you in the right direction to a trustworthy agency.  We will send you offers according to your request and we will book your accommodation in advance before everything is gone.

But before you make your decision on accommodations, get informed about all the options and their pros and cons.

Student Residences: The monthly rates can range from €750 and up if you book accommodations directly through the student residences websites. With Feel Parisien, you can save money by letting us secure your accommodations as we can offer discounted rates, as low as €650/month. We will help you through the whole process of applying, paying and securing insurance, all the way through the day you move in.

Host families: Staying with a host family is a great way to integrate yourself into French culture and to even improve your French language skills. But often host families are more expensive than other options. This is because everything is included and you get some extra services included in the rate, such as breakfast and your linens changed.

Apartments:  The biggest mistake a student can make is to wait to arrive in Paris, stay in a hotel and expect to find an apartment within the first week of being in the city. There won’t be anything left, believe me! Like I said before, everything is usually booked by September. If you choose to look for an apartment rather than our student residences, we can refer you to agencies like Paris Attitude and Logis, companies that deal with international students often. Some pros are that these companies do not require a native guarantor for you to sign a lease and they will only start charging you when you actually arrive in Paris, whereas some companies may start to charge months before. The biggest issues are that our students do not have exclusive access to these agencies’ holdings since they are not our partners. Therefore prices will be higher and a lot of listings will be full.



Feel Parisien helps you to open an account at the French bank CIC in advance. You will receive your RIB (bank details) two weeks after opening your account, allowing you to transfer money when you’re still in your country.

When you arrive in Paris, you can go to your previously- booked appointment at the closest bank to your residence or school. You will receive your credit or debit card (VISA or Mastercard) there. A checkbook can be offered on demand. You will also receive your phone SIM card- see the next section for more details.


Finding an affordable phone plan can be difficult for international students because they don’t know what the main phone operators are and the standard prices of subscriptions. Even if they find companies such as “Orange”, “SFR” or “Bouygues Telecom”, all the websites are in French and difficult to understand. It is better to understand what you are buying before typing your credit card number into these websites!

Feel Parisien offers the best price on the market (unlimited calls and text messages + 10 GB of Internet 4G for €15.99/month) through Bouyges. This service is included in the bank service and the SIM card can be picked up at your appointment at the bank.


The CAF stands for “Caisse des Allocations Familiales”, a government agency that provides assistance to young people and families in need. Applying for aid from the CAF can greatly help with your accommodation fees so we highly recommend you apply if you fit the criteria listed below. However, looking at the list of the required documents to apply even make us want to quit. So imagine if you don’t speak French!

The CAF says “We are in France, we only have information and forms in French”. Yes, but international students are allowed to get this assistance and no law forces them to speak French when they come to study in France… Arg French administration! Therefore, Feel Parisien offers, from the first days of your arrival, personal assistance to help you to create an account and apply for it online.

You are eligible if:

  • you’re a student in France
  • you have a French bank account.
  •  the lease is in your name
  • you did not work last year or you earned less than €10,000

Receiving CAF can reduce your rent by €206/month if you are living in a studio, or €118/month if you are living in a shared apartment. We have to admit: when we look at the price of the rents, we gladly accept the little financial help to reduce it!


Paris is an amazing city, France is a beautiful country and Europe is a huge continent. To fully enjoy everything, to know what should be known, and to not miss out on what should be seen, you should be advised by a “godmother” who will make your stay unforgettable.


Feel Parisien has various partners to ensure a service of quality.
But students have only one contact for everything: Feel Parisien.
That’s why Feel Parisien is THE quick and easy solution to your arrival and stay in Paris.


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