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The real cost of living in Paris

I’m always sadly surprised when I’m receiving requests for an accommodation in Paris with a maximum budget of €250-€500/month.

I totally understand in others countries this can be a huge budget and the cost of life is different, but this rent doesn’t almost exist in Paris.

Especially for an international student who can’t spend hours on hundreds of French websites looking for THE great opportunity, who won’t be in Paris to do the visit and who don’t have a french guarantor be selected among many others candidates.

A regular budget in Paris is around €700-800 for a studio of 15 sqm or a room of 10 sqm in a shared flat ! That’s the reality.

And this rent doesn’t include the agency fees, the security deposit and the fact you have to pay for a few rents in advance if you don’t have a guarantor.

So when I’m receiving these requests with low budgets I’m wondering to myself : “How will they do ? “

Apparently, they have already made the choice to come to study in Paris. They have been accepted to a school so they probably thinking about it since a long time now. But they didn’t realize or get informed about the cost of life in Paris.

They will have to double their budget for a rent and realize how expensive this city is, once in Paris. This make me feel bad so, as a professional in this field, I’m writing this article for you to be aware BEFORE making a choice. I hope you will have the chance to not be sadly surprised when you will look for a flat and be informed of the prices.

Studying in Paris is a dream for international people, it’s a beautiful culture and city but it’s unfortunately also expensive.

I’m not just talking about the rents, but the movies (around €8,50 for a student and €12 regular price), the cool restaurants for diner (around €30 with a drink), the cool bars to have a drink (around €8 a cocktail).

The life is Paris is very active and, as in every capitals in Europe, youngs people go to restaurants and bars often.

So if we do the math of the cost of the life in Paris for a month :

  • Rent : €750
  • Electricity without heating (if not included in the rent) : €20/month (add €30/month for heating if not included in the rent)
  • Food : €200/month
  • Transport : €27 (Imagine R card)
  • Phone credit : €16
  • 5 lunchs outside your apartment : €200
  • One diner at the restaurant per week : €120
  • Two drinks per week : €64
  • One movie per month : €8,50

We will imagine you won’t be sick and won’t do shopping 🙂

The Internet is normally included in the rent.

The total for a month is €1 405.

Keep in mind you can have a financial aid from the French government up to 20% discount to reduce your rent.

Of course, you can reduce that costs if you enjoy less but that’s not the point of spending a year study abroad in Paris.

You also can choose another city in France where the cost can be easily split in 2.

Find here tips to reduce your living costs in Paris. But keep in mind the real cost of living in Paris and think well before applying for a school.

Paris for study abroad it’s a very nice choice and will open your mind but if you have to work every time or not going out because you dont have the budget or living in a faraway suburbs, it would be better to choose another cheaper city or country to fully enjoy your stay of study abroad.

I hope this article helped you to be fully aware of what is expecting you in Paris. I’m here to answer to all your questions about your future stay in Paris so don’t hesitate to send me a message.

I really hope you will be able to come to study in the most beautiful city in the world, without the pain of the costs.

If you made the choice of coming in Paris, contact me for having flats offers and others services for you installation (french bank account, SIM card, help for CAF and VISA…).