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More details about your accommodation options

Student accommodations in Paris

If you’re still hesitating about your accommodation options, here are some information about the different kinds of accommodations we offer  :

Host family 

Laundry, room cleaning, and linen/towel changes are done for you once a week.


– short-term accepted you can book stays as short as one week.
– you can benefit from dinners with the family if you wish
– you practice your French
– everything is included in the price (breakfast, electricity, internet). However, you have to subscribe to a home insurance which is required in France.
– you don’t need a deposit or a guarantor
– the agency fees are included in the price

Cons : 

– shared bathroom
– limited access to the kitchens (hot plate or microwaves only). To be determined by the family.
– the price is quite expensive: min €1000/month with the breakfast formula and a private bedroom.


Student residence 

Laundry rooms in each residence, the Internet is included but you have to pay for your own electricity consumption.

Feel Parisien partners with 15 student residences with monthly fees ranging from €699 to €998. See the accommodations page for more details on specifics about the residences.

– Seven of our residences are located North-East and South-East of the city and are €699/month

– Three of our residences are located East and South of the city and are €749/month

– One of our residences is located in the 20th district and is €849/month

– One of our residences is located in Republiques and is €998/month

– One of our residences, Levallois, is located North-West of the city and has fixed prices according to each floor of the dormitory, from €790 and up.

– One of our residence,s, Ecla is located far away from the city, about an hour from the southern part of the city, but is a modern dormitory for only €300/month.


– you live with other international or French students
– you benefit from the presence of a manager in the residence who has his own office in case of questions or trouble

– pets & friends accepted
– international guarantor accepted

The bad points are : 

– you have to stay a minimum 6 months
– you have to pay from August otherwise the residences are full
– if you don’t have an international or French guarantor, you have to pay 6 months in advance

Shared flat  

Depends on the flat, but sometimes you have to share the electricity bills with the others roommates.
Usually, there are washing machines in the flat.

Pros : 
– the flat is bigger than a studio you rent by your own
– you live with other young people, French or foreigners
– you pay less than a studio
– you have your own lease
– if you don’t have a guarantor, you only need to pay 2 months in advance
– home insurance and Internet are included

– you generally have to stay at least 6 months
– you can’t book your room a few months in advance (the room are is generally available immediately and pay from the day you book it).

Feel Parisien does not partner with companies that provide shared flats, but we can recommend you to companies that can help you with such listings: Comfort of Home, L’Auberge Coloc.

Furnished flat 

The Internet is usually included. Electricity is not, but you don’t have to open an account. You only have to pay the bills to the owner. Sometimes a washing machine is available in the flat. You also have to subscribe to home insurance on your own.

Pros :
– you can book your flat a few months in advance and start paying only from your arrival date.
– Usually, it’s possible to create your own shared flat and share it with friends
– Your contract is in English

Cons :
– the minimum price is around €750/month for a studio
– if you want to visit the flats, you have to choose and visit your top one or two flats
– the process of booking is a bit long (a few days) because you have to wait for the confirmation of the owner

All accommodations are acceptable for the CAF (financial aid from the French government which reduces your rent up to 20%).

Feel Parisien does not partner with companies providing these accommodations but we can give you recommendations of agencies that will help you: Paris Attitude, Logis

I hope you can see clearly your options now and take the best decision for you.

PS: a lot of countries ask for a proof of at least 3 months of accommodation to apply for the VISA so don’t waste time and book a flat right now.