The OFII VISA : what is it ?


If you’re a non EU resident, having a VISA for your study in France, is a very stressful point. You absolutely need it to come to study and very other you already have paid your school and book your flat (required for a lot of countries to get the VISA).

But you have to know that, after the happiness provided by the acceptation of your VISA, it’s not finish. That’s why I’m here to help you with the last step of the VISA process and let you fully enjoy your stay in France !

Once in France, you will have to send by post the OFII form filled in, to the OFII office of your department, with the copy of your passport (identity), the page of the VISA and the entry stamp.

If you will in Paris and arrive from the 11st of Sept to 24th of Nov, you have to submit your file to the Cité Universitaire, without appointment needed.

Then, you will receive a letter from the Office Français de l’Immigration et de l’Intégration, called shortly OFII.

They will call you for an appointment for a welcome visit. Don’t miss that appointment, otherwise you will have to wait a few weeks or months more to get an other appointment. Meanwhile, your VISA is still not confirmed.

At the appointment, you will have to bring with you :
– the convocation letter
– your passport
– a proof of your french address
– an ID picture
– a €60 stamp to be bought on tobacco shops or online :

Finally, you will receive a yellow sticker in your passport to validate your visa. This sticker serves as your first “titre de séjour,” and you are, for good, considered a legal student resident in France.

I really hope you have a clearer view now about what is OFII and if you want to benefit from assistance during the totality of this process, don’t hesitate to buy a pack for more tranquility. I will send your OFII for you. Mostly, I will be here to assist you in each step. Call them for you and translate the letters you’ll receive if they are in French.


  • hello! is it possible to travel within Schengen area if you don’t have the OFII sticker yet in your visa? thank you!!

  • Hi, I am a Indian student only here for 3 months on a scientific research visa sauf ctom, I wanted to know if i need to do the OFII procedure as well, as mine is mostly short stay. And do i need to do this procedure if I need to visit a Schengen country ?

    • Dear Ankita,

      you don’t need the OFII VISA for a short stay and yes you can travel in Europe with your VISA.

      Best Regards

      • Hi please can you assist. I have a longstay visitors visa for 12 months and arrived 10 November 2017. I have decided not to stay on in France. I tend to either go to Croatia until Nov 2018 or go directly to Panama where I tend to stay on permanently. Do I still need the OFII stamp if I want to go to Croatia for a few months?
        Kind regards Alley

        • Dear Alley,

          yes you still need the OFII VISA if you don’t want to lose your French VISA. If you don’t do the OFII after 3 months in France, your VISA is not confirmed and if you leave France and want to come back with that VISA, it can be not accepted. Moreover, note that this VISA is not eligible for Croatia or Panama.

          Best Regards

  • I’m in France for more than 3 months and I still haven’t got my OFII appointment. i have to go back to India in 5 days. I have a multi visit visa but still don’t have the OFII. Will it affect my journey? Thanks

    • Dear Nirmit,

      you are not supposed to leave France after 3 months if you don’t have the OFII VISA, otherwise you may have problem to re enter in France. The delay depends on the department where you live but usually it’s not more than 2 months and half. If you did not have receive anything yet despite the file you sent them 3 months ago (with your OFII form filled in, your passport, VISA, stamp of entry in France), you have to go to see them or try to call or email them :

      Paris: 01 55 28 19 40 (rare answer)

      department 93 : 01 49 72 54 00 (rare answer)

      department 92 : (frequent answer)

      Don’t forget to bring your €60 tax stamp, proof of address in France and one ID photo.

      Best Regards

    • Dear Bhanav,

      you can’t renew your VISA, leave France and come back, apply for CAF or health insurance. Your VISA is not valid anymore without the OFII. If you have forgot I suggest you to go to see the OFII agency of your department and ask them what you can do.

  • Hello!
    I have student long stay VISA(sauf CTOM) valid from 23rd October,2017 to 23rd May,2018 .Can i travel to Germany without OFII form?

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