Learn French with Atelier 9

With Atelier 9, you can learn French through their Intensive, Extensive French or Evening programs depending on your need. All in the heart of Paris!

Moreover, the courses are for a maximum of 9 students, so the lessons can really be tailored to you and your level. This is not a textbook kind of courses but the teacher focus on a conversation based method. Teachers are using teaching material such as songs, articles or videos… 

For individual students:

For any of these weekly programs (Intensive French Course, 21,5 hours per week) or more : 10% off when you say you are from Feel Parisien. 

  • 4 weeks (86 hours): 990 euros. 
  • 3 weeks (64,5 hours): 855 euros.
  • 2 weeks (43 hours): 585 euros. 
  • 1 week (21,5 hours) depending on availabilities: 320 euros. 
  • 6 weeks: 1450 euros, 8 weeks: 1910 euros, 12 weeks: 2830 euros.

For any program with 12 lessons weekly (Semi-Intensive French Course, 11,5 hours per week) : 8% off when you say you are from Feel Parisien. 

  • 4 weeks (46 hours): 610 euros.
  • Three-month package (12 consecutive weeks): 1710 euros.

For any programme with less than 4 lessons weekly (Extensive Evening courses, 3 hours per week) and for all other program (private one-one one lessons) : 8%off on listed price when you say you are from Feel Parisien.

  • 4 week package: 190 euros.
  • 12 week package: 490 euros.

Comments and feedback from previous students on their Facebook page:


“It’s my fourth week and just one more week left but definitely will continue to learn french in this amazing school that became like a second home with the best team I’ve ever met/experienced.

French is hard and Paris is cold but L’ATELIER 9 really creates an amazing kind, friendly yet professional experience” –  Amir 


“I had a 2 week intensive course and I loved it. Small groups, friendly atmosphere and good teachers.” – Anar

Ready to get started? For more informations, check their website!


Why you should learn French?

1. Speaking French, will make your integration easier

Not everybody speaks English in France, even in Paris it is not so common. With no French at all in your vocabulary, your daily life is going to be a bit more complicated. Make your life easier by having some basic vocabulary for your everyday life, even if it’s just to ask for a baguette in a bakery.

2. To speak French, allow you to pursue studies in famous universities

If you speak French it will enable you to join famous schools such as La Sorbonne, Pierre and Marie Curie University or in the grandes écoles (HEC, Polytechnic, ESSEC). Students who are proficient in French may also, under certain conditions, benefit from French government scholarships to pursue a third cycle of study in France in all disciplines and obtain an internationally recognized diploma.


3. With French, you can travel in a lot of countries

Once you are in France, you might want to discover the countries nearby… They speak French in Belgium and Switzerland! But French is also spoken in North America in the province of Quebec or the bilingual province of New Brunswick. You can even visit more numerous French-speaking countries in Africa where they speak the same language.

4. A language to learn other languages

Learning French helps to learn other languages, especially Latin languages (Spanish, Italian, Portuguese or Romanian) but also English since French has provided more than 50% of current English vocabulary. French will open doors to you to others european languages while you are staying in France and visiting nearby countries.

5. The language of international relations

French is both a working language and one of the two official languages at the UN, UNESCO, NATO, the European Union, the International Olympic Committee and the International Red Cross. Fluency in French is essential for anyone considering a career in international organizations.

6. French: the language of culture

French is the international language of fashion, literature, theatre, the visual arts, dance and architecture. Having a knowledge of French offer you access to great works in the original French, as well as movies and songs.