Top 10 groups to join to discover Paris

Looking to discover Paris and make some new friends ?

To discover a new city, no greater ways than to make some new friends.

Facebook is full of groups that will help you find international students just like you to gather and share your experiences about Paris.

You have dedicated group for all types of activities and communities, you can find your own nationality groups in Paris or look for groups with cool activities.

The 1st main group to party as an International student is :

They organise bar tours and nightlife in Paris.

A great group to watch french movies in English :

Do you want to improve your French, watch a good film with English subtitles, have a drink and meet nice people?

Lost in Frenchlation organizes screenings of French films with English subtitles in Paris with drinks before the film for the international community to meet!

An amazing play that every international person should go to when coming to live in Paris :

You like theatre but everything, in France, obviously is in French ? You want to laugh as much you can’t stop ? You want to know how to become a real Parisien ?
Book your entry right know for the 100% English show : HOW TO BECOME A PARISIAN IN ONE HOUR ?

It’s nice to have fun but sometimes you just want to discover Paris while giving back to the communities :

Looking to volunteer in Paris?

In this article, you will find ways to get involve as a volunteer in Paris.

Meet Erasmus students :

They are well know to be very organised and welcoming if you wanna meet new people even if you are not an Erasmus!

Find the spots of the Parisians :

It’s to go to guide of every parisians!

Find the best secret spots in Paris through Instagram :