On the belief that the installation of a student for his/her studies is always difficult especially at the age of 18, Feel Parisien is created in 2016. Feel Parisien helps foreign students to settle in France for their studies. Since 2018, Feel Parisien have decided to develop a web platform facilitating all administrative procedures of students.

In one click students can now:

  • open a bank account,
  • book accommodation,
  • subscribe to electricity,
  • home insurance,
  • and a whole range of administrative services.

Students are individually monitored in their Visa, OFI Visa, visa applications, and other services open to foreigners, but only accessible in French.

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Perle Ceccomori – Director

Perle was educated in Australia and then worked in Argentina. Of these two expatriations, she gets a strong understanding of the problems of installation abroad which pushed her to create Feel Parisien

Gwenaelle Pellerin Feel Parisien

Gwenaelle Pellerin – Partnerships Manager

Gwenaelle went to university in the United States and in England. It is through these exchange programs that she spotted the gap between the welcome organization on an American Campus and within a French university. She would like to bring this value to universities in France.

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Do you have a question or any doubts about your study in Paris? Enjoy individual support from your very first email. 
(Feel Parisien helps students to settle down in Paris once they have a school. We can’t help you to apply for a school)
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