Checklist before leaving your country

Checklist of what you figure out before leaving your country


Administrative & Identity

Passport with visa

Original OFII form

Copies of each document in your visa application

Livret de famille, if applicable

Original birth certificate with Apostille

Name change documents, if your last name is not your birth last name



Vaccination records

Copies of any important medical records

Prescriptions for any medications you take, and information

on the drug’s formula so you can easily find its French


Refill any prescriptions for 2-3 months

Stock up on your favorite over-the-counter medications and vitamins (Acetaminophen, ibuprofen, Excedrin,neosporin, isopropyl alcohol, benadryl, children’s tylenol, cold and flu medicine, cough drops, to name a few.)


Driving license

Driver’s license, with AAA “international” driver’s license if possible

Driving record from your state, showing your driver’s license date of issue

Try to ensure you have a driver’s license that can be exchanged for a French license



Inform your bank that you will be traveling overseas so

they don’t flag your account for fraud when you use your card

or log into online banking


Top 10 common mistakes on Visa

« I thought getting my Visa was going to be very fast by now with VFS, it took a month and half !” June from New York USA


“My list provided on the website of the consulate was not complete and they refused my Visa, I should have follow the complete list of Feel Parisien” Lisa, Algeria


“In China, they ask a lot of documentation like Working certificate of the father and mother, and I thought as my parents didn’t work I didn’t need this documentation but actually you do! My parents had to write a letter declaring they didn’t work and thanks to feel parisien I finally got my visa!” Alina, China


Your proof of accommodation and your proof of ressources are the two most important documents in your application! The best way to avoid a refusal at the visa center is to upload your documents in advance on the feel parisien platform so we can check them.

Perle, Founder of Feel Parisien

student visa minor

Your story n°5 :”Being an underage student in France”

You got your student Visa before you were 18? Here is what you need to do!

Student process before you get to France

While doing your Visa application, if you are a minor student you need to be careful because you will usually be asked more documents that for a regular Visa for someone over 18.

For example, in India, they would ask for:

  • An access order made by the Family Court.
  • An attestation for parental consent signed with ID and a cover letter from your parents.
  • A medical attestation mentioning your vaccines have been made.
  • A transfer of parental authority to a overage person in France.
  • A proof of vaccines done to be shown to your French schools.

For the list of the additional documents for your Visa you can check with your dedicated Campus France in your country.

Student process when you arrive in France

Checking in your residence.

You need to be with your parents to check-in your residence if you are under 18 on the day of your check-in.


Opening a bank account.

You need to be with your parents when you go for the first time to the bank to open your account and pick up your card.


Getting your Paperwork as OFII/Titre de séjour.

If you were still underage when you got your visa to France then you need to respect the process below explained by one of our students that we follow : Ruby.

This process is referring to a student that lives in Paris. If you live in any other department like Pantin 93 or Vitry 94, please note that you will need the same document but you won’t go to the same place.

You will have to go to your local prefecture.

“I went to the OFII office and they sat me down and said that because when i received the visa i was still 17 so my process was different. The lady from the OFII places told me to go the the Prefecture de Police the following day (which is at City University) and to get there early and I said do I need an appointment she said no just go. she also send me this email with the required documents.

You will find enclosed the procedure to ask for a student resident permit.
Best regards,
acc&ss Paris Centre
Direction de l’Accompagnement de la Mobilité Internationale
Fondation nationale | Cité internationale universitaire de Paris
17, boulevard Jourdan | 75014 Paris
So the next day I went to the Prefecture de Police and I got there at 8.00am and I was waiting in a line until 9.30 and some man called out if you are submitting documents come forward and I went because I was just submitting documents. I then went and they told me to go back to OFII then the OFII people explained to them what the process was. I submitted my original and photocopy of my birth certificate, Passport, Visa page, A letter from my parents say they will give me more than 615 euros a month (the letter was written in french and signed), the enrollment letter from IFA, my parents bank statement from the past 3 months, a bank statement saying my parents had put money into my account (I didn’t have this as I had just opened my account, so they needed proof that I had opened an account), proof of rent (contract) and bills (gas and electricity) and three passport sized photos. Then after this I had to fill out forms then I was sent to another area and they took my finger prints. They then  gave me a slip (attached below) and said that this now means I am legally in france as a student and that in two months I will receives a text and that will say my card is ready and I have to go somewhere to collect it and pay 79 euros.”
And here is all the paperwork you need to bring with you.

CST étudiant_ eng

Student visa minor

Student visa minor