Need financial help for your studies in France?

If you need help paying your university tuition, there are many options provided by the French government.

They are also grant offered by different universities. It’s always a good idea to do your research before committing to a school.



One of the easiest and hassle-free ways to get financial aid is to apply to one of the many scholarships available to international students. Right now, there are about 700 scholarships available but the good news is that the Prime Minister hopes to increase that to 2,100 by the year 2027.

The largest scholarships are the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship, the Major Excellence Programme, the Erasmus Mundus Programme and the Ile-de-France Masters Scholarship. All of these scholarships are available to international students but each has specific qualifications. Click the links to read more. For example, the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship is only available to graduate level students.

CampusBoures is a great resource you can use when looking for scholarships. Sponsored by Campus France, this search engine finds you available scholarships organized by amount and field. (Here is the link to copy paste to access their website : )

When you have exhausted these options, check your local French Embassy for any scholarships. As often times the embassies will sponsor a certain amount of grants per year.



Depending on the university you choose, you will have different financial aid and loan options. According to different criteria such as your income, your family’s income, you age and field of study. EDHEC, France’s leading business schools, is particularly known for its excess of student loans and grants. They are based on both financial need and academic merit and cover between 20%-40% of tuition. Here are some other universities that provide financial aid:

  • The American Graduate School of International Relations and Diplomacy. …
  • American University of Paris
  • Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales
  • Ecole Supérieure de Cuisine Française
  • ESSEC Business School
  • Sciences PO

If you can’t find loans or financial aid within your own school, some French banks provide student loans, like HSBC.

Learn French with Atelier 9

With Atelier 9, you can learn French through their Intensive, Extensive French or Evening programs depending on your need. All in the heart of Paris!

Moreover, the courses are for a maximum of 9 students, so the lessons can really be tailored to you and your level. This is not a textbook kind of courses but the teacher focus on a conversation based method. Teachers are using teaching material such as songs, articles or videos… 

For individual students:

For any of these weekly programs (Intensive French Course, 21,5 hours per week) or more : 10% off when you say you are from Feel Parisien. 

  • 4 weeks (86 hours): 990 euros. 
  • 3 weeks (64,5 hours): 855 euros.
  • 2 weeks (43 hours): 585 euros. 
  • 1 week (21,5 hours) depending on availabilities: 320 euros. 
  • 6 weeks: 1450 euros, 8 weeks: 1910 euros, 12 weeks: 2830 euros.

For any program with 12 lessons weekly (Semi-Intensive French Course, 11,5 hours per week) : 8% off when you say you are from Feel Parisien. 

  • 4 weeks (46 hours): 610 euros.
  • Three-month package (12 consecutive weeks): 1710 euros.

For any programme with less than 4 lessons weekly (Extensive Evening courses, 3 hours per week) and for all other program (private one-one one lessons) : 8%off on listed price when you say you are from Feel Parisien.

  • 4 week package: 190 euros.
  • 12 week package: 490 euros.

Comments and feedback from previous students on their Facebook page:


“It’s my fourth week and just one more week left but definitely will continue to learn french in this amazing school that became like a second home with the best team I’ve ever met/experienced.

French is hard and Paris is cold but L’ATELIER 9 really creates an amazing kind, friendly yet professional experience” –  Amir 


“I had a 2 week intensive course and I loved it. Small groups, friendly atmosphere and good teachers.” – Anar

Ready to get started? For more informations, check their website!


Why you should learn French?

1. Speaking French, will make your integration easier

Not everybody speaks English in France, even in Paris it is not so common. With no French at all in your vocabulary, your daily life is going to be a bit more complicated. Make your life easier by having some basic vocabulary for your everyday life, even if it’s just to ask for a baguette in a bakery.

2. To speak French, allow you to pursue studies in famous universities

If you speak French it will enable you to join famous schools such as La Sorbonne, Pierre and Marie Curie University or in the grandes écoles (HEC, Polytechnic, ESSEC). Students who are proficient in French may also, under certain conditions, benefit from French government scholarships to pursue a third cycle of study in France in all disciplines and obtain an internationally recognized diploma.


3. With French, you can travel in a lot of countries

Once you are in France, you might want to discover the countries nearby… They speak French in Belgium and Switzerland! But French is also spoken in North America in the province of Quebec or the bilingual province of New Brunswick. You can even visit more numerous French-speaking countries in Africa where they speak the same language.

4. A language to learn other languages

Learning French helps to learn other languages, especially Latin languages (Spanish, Italian, Portuguese or Romanian) but also English since French has provided more than 50% of current English vocabulary. French will open doors to you to others european languages while you are staying in France and visiting nearby countries.

5. The language of international relations

French is both a working language and one of the two official languages at the UN, UNESCO, NATO, the European Union, the International Olympic Committee and the International Red Cross. Fluency in French is essential for anyone considering a career in international organizations.

6. French: the language of culture

French is the international language of fashion, literature, theatre, the visual arts, dance and architecture. Having a knowledge of French offer you access to great works in the original French, as well as movies and songs.

Checklist before leaving your country

Checklist of what you figure out before leaving your country


Administrative & Identity

Passport with visa

Original OFII form

Copies of each document in your visa application

Livret de famille, if applicable

Original birth certificate with Apostille

Name change documents, if your last name is not your birth last name



Vaccination records

Copies of any important medical records

Prescriptions for any medications you take, and information

on the drug’s formula so you can easily find its French


Refill any prescriptions for 2-3 months

Stock up on your favorite over-the-counter medications and vitamins (Acetaminophen, ibuprofen, Excedrin,neosporin, isopropyl alcohol, benadryl, children’s tylenol, cold and flu medicine, cough drops, to name a few.)


Driving license

Driver’s license, with AAA “international” driver’s license if possible

Driving record from your state, showing your driver’s license date of issue

Try to ensure you have a driver’s license that can be exchanged for a French license



Inform your bank that you will be traveling overseas so

they don’t flag your account for fraud when you use your card

or log into online banking


student visa minor

Your story n°5 :”Being an underage student in France”

You got your student Visa before you were 18? Here is what you need to do!

Student process before you get to France

While doing your Visa application, if you are a minor student you need to be careful because you will usually be asked more documents that for a regular Visa for someone over 18.

For example, in India, they would ask for:

  • An access order made by the Family Court.
  • An attestation for parental consent signed with ID and a cover letter from your parents.
  • A medical attestation mentioning your vaccines have been made.
  • A transfer of parental authority to a overage person in France.
  • A proof of vaccines done to be shown to your French schools.

For the list of the additional documents for your Visa you can check with your dedicated Campus France in your country.

Student process when you arrive in France

Checking in your residence.

You need to be with your parents to check-in your residence if you are under 18 on the day of your check-in.


Opening a bank account.

You need to be with your parents when you go for the first time to the bank to open your account and pick up your card.


Getting your Paperwork as OFII/Titre de séjour.

If you were still underage when you got your visa to France then you need to respect the process below explained by one of our students that we follow : Ruby.

This process is referring to a student that lives in Paris. If you live in any other department like Pantin 93 or Vitry 94, please note that you will need the same document but you won’t go to the same place.

You will have to go to your local prefecture.

“I went to the OFII office and they sat me down and said that because when i received the visa i was still 17 so my process was different. The lady from the OFII places told me to go the the Prefecture de Police the following day (which is at City University) and to get there early and I said do I need an appointment she said no just go. she also send me this email with the required documents.

You will find enclosed the procedure to ask for a student resident permit.
Best regards,
acc&ss Paris Centre
Direction de l’Accompagnement de la Mobilité Internationale
Fondation nationale | Cité internationale universitaire de Paris
17, boulevard Jourdan | 75014 Paris
So the next day I went to the Prefecture de Police and I got there at 8.00am and I was waiting in a line until 9.30 and some man called out if you are submitting documents come forward and I went because I was just submitting documents. I then went and they told me to go back to OFII then the OFII people explained to them what the process was. I submitted my original and photocopy of my birth certificate, Passport, Visa page, A letter from my parents say they will give me more than 615 euros a month (the letter was written in french and signed), the enrollment letter from IFA, my parents bank statement from the past 3 months, a bank statement saying my parents had put money into my account (I didn’t have this as I had just opened my account, so they needed proof that I had opened an account), proof of rent (contract) and bills (gas and electricity) and three passport sized photos. Then after this I had to fill out forms then I was sent to another area and they took my finger prints. They then  gave me a slip (attached below) and said that this now means I am legally in france as a student and that in two months I will receives a text and that will say my card is ready and I have to go somewhere to collect it and pay 79 euros.”
And here is all the paperwork you need to bring with you.

CST étudiant_ eng

Student visa minor

Student visa minor




relocation paris

Relocation in Paris

Feel Parisien is a trilingual agency that welcomes international expatriates in France

We offer a wide range of services to get settled :

  • accommodations
  • bank account
  • phone card
  • home insurance
  • health insurance
  • metro card
  • electricity

We will help you in your journey of relocation with fun day trips, finding apartments in the right neighborhood, and finding a new school for your kids etc.

We don’t provide help for the Visa, but we can refer you to one of our great partners that takes care of Visas in France.
The idea is that we facilitate your administrative path and we secure your arrival.

You get access to :

  • one on one appointments to set up your relocation process
  • Our online platform that help you get smoothly all your administrative tasks done.
  • Benefit from our VIP access to our partners.
  • One click services: open a bank account, get a phone sim card, ensure your home and do all that before your arrival in France, while you still are in your country.
  • Answers to your questions in English or Spanish.

Get settled in France hassle-free with our packages.

Don’t hesitate to check out our corporate offers at Moovio.


check_circle Temporary Home Search

check_circle Long-stay Home Search

check_circle Property Search

Settling-in Services

check_circle Subscriptions to all required contracts (utilities, telecommunications, insurance, maintenance, etc.)

check_circle Orientation and discovery visits for future employment

check_circle School search and enrollment assistance

check_circle French bank account assistance

check_circle Assistance for short-term furniture rental, or equipping a kitchen with appliances

Administrative formalities

check_circle Enrollment in French Health Services

check_circle Family Allowance Registration (C.A.F.)

check_circle Driver’s License Exchange

check_circle Registration of EU and non-EU vehicles/Vehicle imports/Customs Clearance

check_circle Management of translations

check_circle Management of specific requests

check_circle Departure assistance package

Premium Concierge Service

Need extra help on specific subject ?

Get some help !



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