The French social security :  free (to be 70% covered based on the government prices)

Mutual : €30/month (to be 100% covered based on what you have paid*). They provide you with a social security number !

*ask us for more details regarding the limits

We help you to apply to a French health mutual. 

The schools not anymore provided health insurance, from Sept 18. You have to subscribe by yourself to the CPAM of your department.

We help you to apply for the free French social security (= public health insurance).

Note : If you are living in the 93 departement, we suggest you to subscribe to a private insurance for your entire stay in France.

Same if you don’t receive your social security number after 6 months. Indeed, health insurance subscription works bad and some students never receive their number.

Note that you need a social security number to work in France and you need an health insurance to renew your VISA (public or private).

To benefit from the social security you have to send your complete file by post (list below) at the CPAM of your department.  Then you may need to call the English line or to go to the closest agency of your flat, to track your file. Students who don’t do that can never receive their social security number.

You will receive a social security number. The delivery time depends on the department you live.

For example : it takes 2 months for Paris to receive an answer and around 6 months in the 93 department. As soon as you receive it you’re covered (but not before so we suggest you to buy a private insurance).

At the end, if you did everything needed, you will receive a social security number and be automatically 70% covered. Once you’re covered, we help you to buy a mutual to be 100% insured (you can’t buy it before receving your social security number).

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We apply for you to the CPAM of your department.

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We help you to registered to a mutual to be well insured


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