First you should know, in France, a student long term visa holders (OFII) allows you to have a job in Paris as student. Nevertheless, the amount of hours of your job in Paris shall not exceed 20.5 hours per week, and the job duration must be no longer than 52 weeks. Short term visa holders have to ask for permission to have a job in Paris to the DIRECCTE. EU nationals don’t have a limited amount of work.

Now, how to earn a bit of money and find a job in Paris as an overseas student ?

Of course you can apply as a waitress or seller, for a student job in Paris of one or two days per weak.

Here some ideas: The restaurant chain “Indiana” recruits overseas people who speak a bit of French. The café Oz, the Frog Pub or The Mazet bar at Odeon, are some of the bars for foreign people with a foreign staff.

Otherwise, you can apply at a clothes shops’ chain such as Jonak, André, Zara or H&M but you have to speak fluent French and it’s a tiring job.

In this article, we suggest you others job in Paris, original and more fun, for students who don’t especially speak French.


1. Yestudent : the AirBNB for students (request permission from your landlord)

Around 25€/day

You welcome other young people in your flat for one day or more. You only need to have a sofa, an extra mattress or an empty room because your roommate is not here for the weekend. You welcome the guest, share a drink and a meal with him and you even can give him the best tips of the town. It’s a profitable friendly moment to share!

2. GuideLikeYou : Become a guide

Around €25/person or €15/hour

Do you know Paris by heart? Help the tourists discover it!

You know some of the most secret corners in Paris? The best bars or monuments in town? Become a SmartGuide by picking the tour you want to do with the tourists and help them discover the city in your way!

3. OuiStock : Rent your cellar or you useless room (request permission from your landlord)

Between €30 to 300 per month

Do you have an useless cellar or room? Rent it to other people who need to space to store their stuff in it.

Make sure you ask for your landlord’s permission.

4. Mobypark: Rent your parking space (request for permission to your landlord)


Do you have a parking space at your flat but you don’t use it? Rent it! A lot of people are looking for parking in Paris. Post your ad on the website and wait to be contacted!

Make sure you ask your landlord’s permission.

5. Drivy: Rent your car

Around €30/day

Do you have a car but you don’t use it all the time? Rent it safely. The rental of the car is covered by insurance.

6. Dogbuddy: Host a dog

Dogbuddy is an online community putting dogs’ owners and dogs’ lovers together. The service offers hosting during the weekend, holidays and bank holidays. That’s a very cute job in Paris.

7. Websites

StudentJob : if you don’t speak French, write the key word “English” to only have access to the offers in English : an online newspaper for English speaking people in France which offers English-language jobs in France

8. Baby sitting or language classes

You are a foreign student so you have the quality to speak another language than French. Use it to earn some money! Put some ads in the bakeries, mini-markets, sport and animation centres for kids, in your district. Some people are specifically looking for a foreign baby sitter for their children to teach or improve a foreign language through daily conversations.

9. Embassy

You can contact your country’s embassy in Paris to offer them your service of baby-sitting or help for homework. Definitely worth a try however, some staff may look for someone who speaks their native language to help their children.

10. Learning support

Acadomia : min. Bac+3

Cours Legendre : min. Bac+ 4

Complétude : min. Bac+3

Home School : min. Bac+3

Cours particuliers entre particuliers : min Bac, à négocier

11. Learning support online

Private classes through webcam

Révisions bac


12. Baby-sitting in English

  • Be My Nounou is a Childcare Agency based in Paris who hires native and bilingual speaking babysitters to babysit and teach English to French children in Paris and suburbs. They carefully recruit and train babysitters to be a part of their team as they highly value the work being done in each family and the relationship between each babysitter and family.
  • Eveil Bilingue : English native speakers only, for part-time, babysitting and teaching positions. The agency is specialized in early language acquisition for 3 -12 years old in the Paris area. To be considered, you need to be available at least 2 days per week from 4.30 pm and / or a full Wednesday.
  • Baby-speaking : Part-time job for native English speakers, for babysitting or linguistic workshop in French family.
  • Speaking agency:  Baby-sitting services in foreign language (English, German, Spanish, Chinese …), but also language classes for children and teenagers.
  • O2 : Baby-sitting service by French and foreign students.
  • Babylangues :  Teaching of foreign language (especially English) through an innovative and ludic method.


If you apply online for a student job in Paris, call them one week later to make sure they have received your resume and to show them your interest and availability.

For a waitress or a seller student job in Paris, give your resume directly by hand to the manager of the shop or the restaurant.

You also can do spontaneous applications : send your resume to agencies that don’t particularly offer student job in Paris.

In France we’re strict about the punctuality and the quality of the service. You have to do your student job correctly if you want to keep it. If exceptionally you cannot be present one day, be sure to announce it at least 24hrs in advance.


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