Titre de séjour : VISA renewal



You will need to buy a tax stamp to give to be able to pick up your card “Titre de séjour”:

– €49 if your titre de séjour is valid during one year
– €79 if valid several years

– €180 if you meet them after the expiration of your VISA
– €16 extra fees if you have lost your last carte de séjour

After one year in France you have to renew your VISA by asking to the Prefecture of your department, a titre de séjour.

For example, if your VISA expires in Sept, you have to book your appointment around February to have an appointment in August.

We help you with the required documents and the process to book your appointment.

Save time and energy by being helped with the complicated process. The website is only in French.

Avoid not having your titre de séjour on time and not going in holiday during summer

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