Cheap accommodation


  • Select an accommodation on our website
  • We help you until the signature of the contract

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Airport Transfer

  • The driver comes to pick you up at the airport with a board in your name and drive you home safely.
  • You will receive a text message 30 minutes before your trip with the details of the driver. Try to get your phone on after the plane.

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Student Metro Card

  • Works for metro, bus and RER
  • Essentiel to move into Paris
  • Avoid paying tickets for each trip

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  • A VISA is required for your moving to France for non-EU citizens (for more than a 3 months stay in France)
  • We hep you with the process and we double check your documents before you send them to the VISA centre/embassy

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Visa Validation

  • Every person having a VISA for France has to confirm it once in France
  • We hep you with the second step : VISA validation

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Titre de séjour

  • We help you with the process of booking an appointment
  • We help you with the documents to gather for your appointment
  • You need to book your appointment 5 months after your arrival in France ! 

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Bank Account

  • Pay your monthly bills without having to do an expensive bank transfer from another country
  • Having a French bank account means you can benefit from the government housing aid, French health insurance, an electricity account and a phone subscription

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Phone Card

  • Receive your French sim card and phone number on your arrival
  • Unlimited text messages, calls and a few GO of 4G internet
  • Benefit from one of the cheapest subscription on the market, with no engagement

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Home insurance

  • Required insurance
  • It’s a financial protection for all the damage regarding your residence
  • Liability insurance included

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living in paris


  • We help you to open an account if needed with your flat

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Health Insurance

  • We help you to apply to the Free French social security
  • We help you to apply to a mutual for be 100%
  • French health insurance is one of the best in the world

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caf paris

Housing Aid : CAF

  • Receive an aid to reduce your rent up to 20-30%
  • Administration process done with you online

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