You need to pay VISA fees, sometimes to the embassy/VISA centre or to Campus France or to the both.

Price long stay VISA : around €100 but depends on each country

Price short stay VISA : around €60 but depends on each country

A long stay VISA is required for a non-European Union citizen. If you are staying for more than a year in France, you can renew it in France (can’t be renewed in your country).

If you ask for a VISA for a stay for less than one year, you won’t be able to renew it.

Sometimes, some students receive “Long stay temporary VISA” instead of “student VISA”. This type of VISA doesn’t allow you to benefit from CAF, OFII or renew your VISA in France.

If you ask for a VISA for less than 6 months, you need to ask for a short stay VISA and it doesn’t allow you to benefit from OFII or CAF.

Without it you can’t come in France. Embassies are very strict about the file that must been complete. If you get one refusal, it’s really hard to have a second chance. Our pack or service, 100% refunded if your VISA get rejected after our validation.

The process depends on each country. Feel Parisien explains you the process regarding the country where you do the request and double check your documents before you submit them.

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